The Insurus Medicare Solutions Strategy

Just ask any one of our thousands of agents what makes Insurus Medicare Solutions the top Senior-Centric FMO, and they’ll sum it up in one word, “Service.” Insurus Medicare Solutions provides its agents full service covering every aspect of their business, with focused expertise on the issues and complexities of Medicare.


Tired of losing enrollments because of application errors? Our processing and operations departments are here to assist you. Upon receiving the application from the agent we are responsible for reviewing the application for clarity and completeness before it is sent out to the carrier, speeding up processing and commission payment.


Our commissions department is responsible for processing our agents’ commission checks. We also provide agents with a wide range of services such as training, reporting, analysis, and weekly commission updates and announcements. Our dedicated team is here to assist agents with any commission related inquires.


Our marketing department is dedicated to one thing, our agents and their success. Our in-house marketing and design team is ready to create a variety of marketing tools. We will help you with marketing plans, ideas, marketing materials, retention tools and innovative ideas that have been proven to deliver and expand your book of business.


The Contracting Department assists all new and existing agents with getting contracted with all available health plans. We guide agents with the process on how to get certified with any health plans they select. We keep track of all required documents such as Errors & Omissions, AHIP, and Insurance Licenses and ensure they are up to date. We work closely with all Health Plans to confirm that agents are active to go out in the field to sell. Our goal is to assist with any inquiries regarding contracts and certifications and to provide excellent broker services to all agents.

Call Center

Our in house call center is here to answer incoming phone calls and make appointments for agents. Insurus Medicare Solutions provides our clients with a team of seasoned, bilingual customer service representatives with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the health insurance market. Our CSRs schedule qualified appointments for our field agents.